Why do you always name your products “Blend”?

We call our products “Blend” because we purposefully mix different plant-based ingredients in all of them. We want to emphasise our belief that blending different ingredients is not only beneficial for achieving an incredibly great taste, but also contributing towards a great nutritious outcome.


Where can I buy the products?

You can check where to buy here (start: 30th of June).

Where do you produce your products?

We produce all our products in Germany.

What about "sustainability"?

We are currently reveiwing all our processes - from sourcing ingredients, to production and logistics to identify all aspects which help us to produce as sustainably as possible. Currently our drinks are made from 80% plant-based packaging and we're continuously looking for new ways to improve while ensuring the highest product quality. 

Why do the drinks sometimes curdle when added to coffee?

We use dipotassium phosphate in our Blend Drinks as an acidity regulator to stabilize the chickpea and pea proteins in the drinks and to prevent the curdling when used in tea and coffee. Unfortunately, curdling of the proteins can still occasionally occur in very acidic coffees. However, this neither affects the taste nor is it a cause for concern in any way. 

The consistency of the Creamy Blend is really thick – is it ok to use?

Our Creamy Blend is made to have an extra thick and creamy consistency. If it’s too thick, shake the Creamy Blend really well before use. 

Is it possible to bake/ cook with your products?

Yes, Plantopia products are great for baking/ cooking! We are always excited to see on Instagram how you use them (make sure to mention @plantopia or #plantopia in your caption)!

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Why do you add citrus fibre in your Almond & Pea drink?

We use citrus fibre to provide a thicker and creamier texture to our Creamy Blend (Almond and Pea Drink). It also helps to improve the flavour release and it is also a source of fibre. 

Why do you add vitamins?

It can be harder to get enough vitamin B2 and B12 in plant-based food as they are mostly found in food from animal origin. Therefore, we fortify our BLENDed DRINKS with both vitamins B2 and B12 to help you meet your daily requirements.

Why do you use rapeseed oil?

We use rapeseed oil to increase the fat content and the creamy texture of our products.

What is phosphate and why do you use it in your Blend Drinks?

We use dipotassium phosphate in our Blend Drinks as an acidity regulator to stabilize the chickpea and pea proteins in the drinks and to prevent the curdling when used in tea and coffee.

Do your products contain allergens or Gluten?

Allergen ingredients are highlighted on the labels, so it is important that you carefully check the packaging before consuming.

The Super Blend is oat-based. The Creamy Blend contains nuts as it has almonds and it may contain traces of other tree nuts.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Absolutely! All our products have the official vegan V-Label, which is a seal of quality for consumer assurance.

Do your products contain Lactose?

No, they don’t contain lactose nor any trace of lactose.

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Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, please help us and follow the recycling instructions which can be found on the outside of the packaging.

In the UK, to recycle our Blend Drinks' packaging, you’ll need to flatten them (keep the cap on) and recycle at your local recycling point (check which recycling point is yours here).

In the UK, used beverage carton recycling is collected by 68% of local authorities, through kerbside collection, and 26% of used beverage cartons are collected from a bring-banks system, making the collection of cartons for recycling 94%. The collected cartons are sent to a dedicated beverage carton reprocessing facility, where the high-value fibres are disconnected from the polymers and aluminium foil, with the help of only water and mechanical energy. The fibres are then used to make new, robust products, such as delivery cartons or new food packaging, e.g., for Hot Chocolate.


How sustainable is your packaging?

It is important to us that our packaging consists of high plant-based content, because it helps to save fossil resources. Additionally, we look for lightweight packaging to save CO2 during transport, while always making sure that product protection is guaranteed. Therefore we currently use a Tetra Pak® carton for our drinks.  

We chose a Tetra Pak® packaging because it consists of a high proportion of renewable plant-based materials. The largest share is made of cardboard. Thin layers of polyethylene in the Tetra Pak® cartons are necessary to protect the cardboard against the drink and to maintain a great taste over shelf life. To increase the plant-based content, we have decided to use polyethylene made from sugar cane instead of petroleum. A thin layer of aluminium is also required to protect our light-sensitive product. However, we would like to replace this layer with a more sustainable option in the long term, in order to save CO2. We have also opted for this type of packaging because of its relatively low weight and its good recyclability.

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